Learn to Ski in Salzburg

So how do you learn to ski in Salzburg? One of the things we really wanted to do when we arrived was learn to ski. When you’re at home it’s easy to book a package which includes your equipment, school and accommodation for a week. Sure, it’s pricey, but you know what you’re getting.

When you arrive here though and want to go skiing at the weekends, how do you go about organising is? Can you rent equipment for a season? Do you really have to pay €50 per day at the big resorts for the lift pass? Isn’t there an easier way?

So let me deal with each of these in turn.


Kids can rent equipment for the season, and it’s a bargain at €100 which includes boots and skis. You can rent from any Hervis (either at Europark or at Forum 1 by the train station) or Intersport store. I’d recommend the Intersport at the Outlet Mall near the airport (McArthur Glen), purely because I found their staff more attentive.

Unfortunately adults don’t seem to be able to rent for the season, so you either rent each time you go or you suck it up and buy the gear. There’s plenty of rental places, where ever you go, and they do make the process easy. After renting a few times we decided to take the plunge and bought the equipment at Intersport at the outlet mall. In total for skis, boots and sticks the total came to about €600 each. To be honest the jury is still out on whether that was the right thing to do. We’ll find out next year.

Where to Learn to Ski in Salzburg?

The Big Resorts?

Obviously the big resorts are the names you are familiar with and you’ll find them advertised all over Salzburg. But they are pricey and are mostly over an hour away. A lift pass for a day can be well over €50, which is pricey if you are restricted to the baby lifts.

Salzburg does have a Season Ticket called the ‘Salzburg Super SkiCard’ which allows you to ski at any of the resorts in Salzburg state as well as several others outside the state including Kitzbühel. Overall there are more than 25 regions covered.  For the 16/17 season, this ticket cost €680 for adults and €340 for children. If you like your skiing and head out most weekends, then this could be the one for you. You can get more details on the dedicated website at Salzburg Super Ski Card.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a free bus shuttle between Salzburg and Flachau every day during the main season. You can get more information here.

Somewhere Smaller Maybe?

Ski Lift at Krispl
Ski Lift at Krispl

We arrived late in the season though and being learners we didn’t know whether we’d like it or not, so this was no good for us. Luckily, we were pointed in the direction of Krispl, a small village about half an hour from Salzburg. There’s a small run there, about 800m long, as well as a kids slope for learners. A day pass for the main run was €15 this year while the learner slope cost €5 for the morning or the afternoon. The slope here is frequented mainly by locals with kids, although during the mid-term break we did see plenty of Dutch tourists.

This was more than enough for us and the children. The kids are probably ready to progress to something more challenging next year, but I’ll be perfectly happy going back to Krispl. You can find out more about Krispl, which is also supposed to be good for hiking during the summer here.

There are some other smaller places you can ski such as Hallein, Gaissau, Kuchl and Golling. They are all smaller areas, within easy reach of Salzburg and not too expensive. I’ve added some links below for more information.


There’s a huge number of ski schools around and you’ll find plenty of them through Google. Once we discovered Krispl though, we used the ski-school based there which we found to be excellent – Skischule Salzburg.

The kids took part in a ski-school during the mid-term break and the cost was approx €150 per child for 2 hours * 5 days, including ski-lift. The course was great value for money and the instructor was very attentive to the fact that the children were only starting to learn German.

Beginner Slope at Krispl
Beginner Slope at Krispl

We used the same ski school for ourselves and had a great instructor (Helmut) who was very patient. We paid €100 for a private one hour lesson for 2 of us and when I went on my own the cost was €100.

While we didn’t experience it, we’ve heard that there’s another good ski school in Hallein – Schischule Hallein.

As always, feel free to send on any questions and let me know if you find any inaccuracies or anything which needs to be updated.

Some Useful Links

Ski School in Krispl – www.ski-salzburg.com
Ski School in Hallein – www.schischule-hallein.at/

Krispl Tourism – www.krispl-gaissau.at/en/

Free Ski Shuttle to Flachau – www.salzburg.info/en/hotels-offers/guided-tours/flachau-ski-shuttle

Intersport at the Outlet Mall – www.bruendl.at/en/locations/salzburg
Hervis – www.hervis.at/store/

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