Free Musical Entertainment in Salzburg Altstadt – Lange Nach der Chöre – 24th May ’17

Salzburg Lange Nacht der ChoereSalzburg Lange Nacht der Chöre

Fancy some free musical entertainment together with access to some of Salzburg Altstadt’s favourite halls and venues? Then you won’t want to miss the 2017 Lange Nacht der Chöre this Wednesday (May 24th).

The event is in it’s 5th year and allows the choirs of Salzburg province to showcase their talents. At the same time both residents and tourists have a night of top quality free entertainment as well as free access to some great venues.

There will be 66 choirs taking part, with over  1,600 singers across 18 venues around the Altstadt. With so many choirs taking part, there’s something to suit every taste, from Gospel, Traditional, Folk to Classical and Quartets.

To visit the official site, click here.

Programme of Events

7.00pm – The event is opened by Mayor Dr Heinz Schaden in the courtyard of St Peter’s Church. The choirs (and public) will then head off to their various venues and the singing starts at 7.30pm.

Between 7.30pm and 10.00pm the choirs will perform – each for about 20 to 25 minutes. The public is free to wander between locations and take in both performances and venues.

10.30pm – It’s back to the courtyard of St Peter’s again where the choirs will bring the evening to a close by singing a selection of music together. 1,600 voices at once promises to be something special.


This is a great opportunity to get into some great venues around the Salzburg Altstadt. These include the Rathaus, the Kuenberg Saal at the Neue Residenz, the crypts in the Dom, the Catacombs inn St Peter’s, the Carabinieri Saal in the Alte Residenz and many more. For a full list and details of which choirs are singing, check out the venues on the website here.

Fancy joining one of Salzburg’s Choirs?

The choirs also use this as a recruitment event and the choirs taking part will host open rehearsal evenings over the next few weeks where they welcome anyone to come along, listen to what’s going on, join in the proceedings and maybe even join the choir. Again, with so many styles, there’s bound to be something for anyone who likes to sing.

This link takes you to details of which choirs are hosting the open rehearsal sessions.


Map of the Venues Participating in the Lange Nacht der Chöre