View of Beautiful Salzburg
The view on my morning run along the Salzach

Thinking of moving to Salzburg? Hopefully this blog can help.

My name is Warren and I moved to Salzburg in January 2017 with my wife, Aideen, and 2 daughters, Hilary and Catherine. We’d been living in the Cayman Islands for the previous 3 years and the time had come to leave. We just didn’t fancy moving home to Ireland again and it was time for a new adventure.

So we stuck a pin in the map and ended up in Salzburg – almost. We actually thought a lot about where we wanted to live and in the end, our main criteria were as follows:

  1. Somewhere near the mountains, which living on Cayman (flat as a pancake) we really missed.
  2. A place we could learn to ski.
  3. We wanted the girls to learn a new language.
  4. A country with a really great quality of life.

Access to good education was of course important and went without saying. The main educational priority, however, was for the children to learn the language.

Luckily enough I speak German which was one of the main reasons we chose a German speaking country. After that though, Salzburg kind of picked itself. We can honestly say that Salzburg met all of the above criteria, and many more.

There’s lots to organise and do when you move country. While the internet was useful, there was no single comprehensive ‘Go To’ source of information for moving to Austria. Last time, when we’d moved to Cayman we had the backing of a large corporation, but this time we were on our own.

Some things were easy and some were very difficult. 4 months in and we’re pretty settled, but we’re still learning a lot. The main purpose of this website is to write down what we’ve learnt and hopefully pass it on for the benefit of others. This site is specific to Salzburg, but most of the information will be valid for the rest of Austria as well. We’ll also write about things to do in Salzburg which we hope will be just as interesting for visitors as it is for those moving here.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to get in touch if there’s anything specific you need information on.



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